Friday, November 4, 2011

My Entourage

Mornin'!  I'm now 8 days post op and I am feeling pretty darn good.  My port area is still pretty tender so I'm bein' pretty careful with that area due to my last squashin' episode.  But I'm feelin' back to normal.  Along with all this normalness (it's a word now, k?) is none other than my arch enemy...The Appetite (duh duh duh).  It's not back with a vengeance....yet, but I have a feelin' thats right around the corner.  But then again, I was really expectin' this whole post op experience to be torture, and it hasn't, so maybe it's not goin' to be that bad. 

I would like to give a shout out to My Entourage...

See, they follow me everywhere (hence entourage), to the bathroom, to blow my nose, to do the dishes, wash clothes...everywhere!!  I wish I could've gotten a better picture of them but the white one (Owen, Maltipoo) is scared of the camera, seriously he starts convulsing just like when it storms.  I guess he thinks its the evil lightning man coming back to strike him???  So this is the best pic I could do with both of them.  I also have a cat that likes to join the entourage when she wants to be a part of the clan.  This was not one of those times. 

So back to my shout out...I was really concerned about their behavior around me during recovery.  They love, they LOVE me, and that's not being conceited.  They sit, stand, walk, and sleep wherever I do and a lot of the time its usually ON me, rather than beside me.  I thought I would have to ward off their oncoming pounces that sometimes usually land on my belly.  But I never did.  They have been amazing.  It's like they know mommy's tummy is hurt!  Even Dixie (the boxer), who has NO IDEA how big she is, is so gentle and will just slowly crawl up next to me and just snuggle. 

They've been like my own personal stuffed animals, ya know, like when you were a sick kid and needed something like that.  I love 'em.


  1. Animals know when we are sick or have had surgery. Our smell is different! They show deep love during these times. It is incredible!!

    So glad you are feeling better!

  2. Isn't it just crazy how intuitive animals are? My dog (RIP) snuggled with me right after I got my surgery, too, and he was very gentle. :)

  3. Owen is just like my Biscuit. He gets so upset whenever a camera is's like he can sense it! My posse follows me everywhere as well ;)

    I'm really glad to read you're feeling that much better 8 days post-op!!

  4. Glad you are feeling well. Love the pictures of your entourage.

  5. Haha, so cute! I love your entourage!

  6. Ha, I know about the following you everywhere. Sometimes I try to close the bathroom door but they cry and it breaks my heart.
    Your Dixie looks like my Sydney.

  7. I like to refer to them as sympothy cat and sympothy dog they go to ever is feelin gbad and just lay next to them and offer heads to scratch