Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pizza! Pizza!

Hello!  I would just like to announce that I stepped on the scale this morning (I know...I really need to stop doing this every day...Fridays only from now on...Promise! ) and I WAS DOWN 2LBS!  YAY!  I would also like to Thank everyone for your encouraging words.  It helped me not get discouraged.  Now I know that I probably have a lot of instances just like this one in the near future...but I can't express how happy I was to see those pounds fall off this mornin'. 

So Pizza...ah yes...Pizza...I think this was one of the ONLY things I've been craving since my pre-op.  Hot, greasy, cheesy, pepperoni pizza.  But we all know what a BAD IDEA that would be, but I just HAD to have some...so I did!

Chicken Margherita Tortilla Pizza
1 Ole Whole Wheat Tortilla (or any brand you prefer)
1 oz. of Grilled Chicken
1 Tomato Basil String Cheese
handful of golden tomatos (or red, these are sweeter)
1 tsp. of EVOO
2 basil leaves
Salt and Pepper to taste

Toast your tortilla in the oven on 375 until it starts to get a little brown, watch it though because you don't want it to burn with the toppings (kinna like this one did but it was still YUMMY!).  I probably had it in there for about 5min.  I also sprayed it lightly with PAM EVOO.  While that's toasting, chop the rest of the ingrediants in the bowl.  Once your tortilla is toasted, put the remaining chopped ingrediants on the tortilla and toast until the cheese is melted.  It probably took another 5 min but I have a gas stove, which cooks faster so just watch it.  (I'm notorious for burning things I must 'watch' so I literally sit on the floor looking through the stove for the cheese to melt...LOL!)

Nutrition Facts
Fat                14g
Calories        247
Carbs             10
Protein            21g

(This may seem like a lot of calories and fat, but I haven't been eating near enough and I'm stuffed by the time I'm finished with this)

One of the things I really like about this dish is that since we eat slow, so the food gets cool (something I totally didn't think about when considering LapBand), but once it cools its sooo refreshing! 

Hope someone gets to enjoy this as much as I did! 


  1. Great work! That pizza looks yummy too!

  2. Thank you thank you, it was fab to see the scale go down..i also see a bunch of other variations of pizza in my near future

  3. good work on the weight loss! I will have to try the pizza, looks great!!

  4. That sounds amazingly yummy!! Thanks for sharing it and I will try it :)

    Congratulations on moving in the right direction!

  5. I've been wanting to try some tortilla pizza, thanks for posting a recipe! :)