Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Zuchinni Genius

Whoever came up with the idea of using zuchinni as pasta is pure genius.  Amazing.  If you've never tried it, do it.  If I haven't posted enough about zuchinni, I'm here to tell ya that I love it!  Its super low in calories and pretty much everything else and wonderful if seasoned right.  So this recipe that I mentioned in an earlier post about the Pesto, used zuchinni in the place of pasta.  I gobbled that shit up and loved every minute of it.  Here's the recipe:

Zuchinni Pasta
1- 2 large Zuchinni
1 tbsp of Pesto
Boiling water
Hot skillit

Cut Zuchinni in long spagetti like strips.  Put zuchinni in boiling water for about 2-3 minutes.  Transfer to paper towel to soak up some of the water and then put in skillet with 1 tbsp of pesto.  Sautee for about 2 more minutes.  Enjoy!  :)

Nutrition Facts (makes 2 servings)

Fat              3g
Calories       65       
Carbs           1
Protein          5g

For the scallops - simply season with lemon pepper and sautee for 2-3 minutes on each side or until they have a carmelized color on their sides.

Easy Peasy :)


  1. Sounds yummy, just wish it was higher in protein!

  2. Sounds great. Have you ever used spaghetti squash?I used to eat it a lot when I was on Weight Watchers, but now it's too bulky for my lapband.

  3. I didn't factor in the scallops in this recipe so the protein was just the zuchinni. I have never used spaghetti squash, is it basically the same thing?

  4. Spaghetti squash looks like a yellow football. I cut it in half (it's tough, like pumpkin) remove the seeds, and cover one half for later. It survives at least a week in the fridge. To cook, put the half cut-side-down in a covered microwave dish with a little water and nuke for 3-4 minutes, depending on size. Then you scrape it out with a fork. It forms spaghetti-like strands -- hence the name. It has a slightly sweet flavor and does well with tomato sauce. Some people season it with butter and nutmeg.