Friday, October 21, 2011

Berries make everything better! there anyone out there?  Well anyway, it's Ashley again (Everyone: Hi Ashley!).  I have been on the pre-op diet for 8 days now and must I say that it it's not so bad.  Now, that's not to say that I don't have episodes...Last night I saw a commercial for Olive Garden's new cheesy-stuffed-tortellini-heaven-on-a-plate and I think I just about turned dog...ya know, lickin' my chops and slobberin' all over? But all in all, its been pretty manageable.  My hardest time is the duration between lunch and dinner but oh that's makes my 4oz or protein and 1 cup of veggies that much better!  

So the doc has me on two protein shakes a day and one meal for dinner which consists of 4oz of lean protein and one cup of veggies....NO Carrots and NO Bananas (bummer because I live for bananas).  So lets talk about the protein shakes and I'll leave the post about dinner for another day.  I love my protein shakes!  Werid huh?  Not the pre-made ones, those make me want to starve myself, seriously.  I can't tell you what kind of taste they leave in my mouth but they are NASTY.  But MY protein shakes are the bomb diggity!   I only get the Body Fortress  from Walmart or Kroger and they are about $15 for a 2lb tub (Per scoop= 140cal/1g sugar/26g protein/4 carbs).  Sounds like a score to me!  

Now lets get to the good stuff.  This morning I had my Berries Galore protein shake for breakfast that definitely is just delicious!  Please keep in mind that I am making this according to my doc's rules during pre-op, and I am allowed to have berries.  

Berries Galore

6-8 ice cubes
1/2 cup of Soy Milk (Original)
1 scoop of Body Fortress Strawberry Protein powder
1/2 cup of Berry Medley (Great Value, from Walmart, no sugar added)

Add all to my Ninja Blender and Voila'! 

I plugged this into and here are the Nutrition Facts:
Total Fat (g)       4
Total Carbs (g)   17
Protein (g)           30
Sugars (g)            10

If anyone knows of a program where I can get nutrition labels, or how to get them from then please let me know.  

Hope everyone has a good day!  :)


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