Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Soul

I used to love those books, didn't you?  

So it's Sunday and I'm feelin' a little better.  I'm still very sore but I'm findin' it easier to get up and down and I'm still walkin' around which helps so much.  Mom was here this weekend takin' care of me (Thanks, MOM!) while the hubby worked.  I'm so thankful she was here; hubby's good around the house and all but Moms are SO much better, aren't they?  She did our laundry, did dishes, cooked dinner for her and hubby, and made me a big pot o' Chicken Soup.  Ahhhh.  Readin' other people's blogs and what they had week 1, I NEVER understood how you could actually enjoy just plain ole' chicken broth.  But I craved it all weekend!  Just something homey, savory, warm, and almost meal like sounded so wonderful to me.  And it was.  :)  Of course, I didn't have the whole soup.  Once it was finished, we took the chicken and veggies out, de-boned and shredded the chicken, put the chicken and veggies in sealed containers, and froze it for my week 3 when I can have soft chicken and veggies.  We also divided the chicken broth into containers, poured me a hot steamy glass, put one container in the fridge, and the rest in the freezer.   


Mama's Chicken Broth
She used:
1 whole chicken
Carrots (use any veggies you want!)
Bell Pepper
Salt & Pepper
Mrs's Dash Garlic and Herb Salt Free Seasoning

Put all in a big bowl, boiled it together until the chicken was fully cooked. 

Don't forget to skim the top to remove the fat.  Once the broth cools the fat separates to the top  and it'll be easier to remove the fat.

Hope you enjoy.  :)


  1. Sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Lolli! I just figured out that you started Following me tonight! Thank you, and now I am your 20th Follower!!

    I see that you just had your Surgery on Thursday! If you have any problems, concerns or questions don't be afraid to ask them. No question is too odd or stupid. We have all been there, so we know mostly what you are going through!!

    I will be reading your Blog in a day or two so that I know what your journey has been like so far. :)

    Welcome to the Sisterhood/Brotherhood of the Bandster's!! Good luck in losing your weight as quickly as possible.

  3. Hi Lolli

    I am new follower. I want to say Congratulations on being banded and Welcome.

    I cannot wait to follow you on your journey!

  4. Hey there! New follower, sent over by Debi. I look forward to following your journey and hopefully learning about some yummy recipes. I loved to cook pre-op, but these days, only being able to eat certain things, I feel so uninspired, so your blog will definitely be a treat for me.


  5. Thank you so much, ladies! I already have some ideas for week 2 and can't wait to try them!

    @jackie- I love to cook too, but with my work hours I could never fit it in with my schedule and lazy time (its the truth). I knew that with this lifestyle change I would have to make time to prepare my food. I hope that I can I can be that inspirationfor you to start cooking again. :)