Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 1 Post Op Essentials

Good day folks!  Day 2 (I say day 2 because I didn't get home until 7pm on surgery day) post op and things are going well.  I'm still in quite a bit of pain, but as I've said before the pain meds are really helpful.  I also had a very large hiatal hernia that was repaired at the same time so I'm assuming that's adding to the pain I'm experiencing.  I'm very eager to get up and walk around quite a bit because it does help me feel better.  I really don't have much gas pains anymore so I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.  Maybe it's all the walkin' I'm doin'?

For those of you that haven't had surgery yet, or are currently in your post op...this post is for you!  Leading up to my surgery, I found the blogs or sites I found that listed the things they enjoyed while in Week 1, and following weeks, very helpful as I prepared.  I also know that things can get boring just drinkin' all your meals, so hopefully someone will find my ideas helpful. Please keep in mind that I am following this according to my doc's orders.

As everyone knows, you need protein, at least 60 grams a day.  For me, this is thin liquids week and I can't use milk so I'm not using my Ninja blender to make my shakes, I'm using my hand blender.  Even though I'm not having any trouble getting anything down, I still don't want to risk anything thick by blending ice. 

Hazelnut Iced Latte
1 scoop of Vanilla Body Fortress Protein powder
1 packet of Nestle Taster's Choice Hazelnut instant coffee
1 packet of Stevia (optional)
about 1/2 cup - 1 cup of water (to your preference, I used 1/2 cup)

Mix with hand blender and pour over ice.  (I did the same thing with my green tea frap, just subbed the soy milk with water and poured over ice)

Nutritional facts:
Calories 140g
Protein  26g
Sugars  1g

A few other things that are getting me through my day:
  • Sugar Free Popsicles
  • Hot Tea - I've never been a hot tea drinker until Pre-op and now I'm hooked, it really helps sooth my sore tummy  :).  I have Chai and Green tea and then at night I drink Chamomile
  • Water - I fill up a big 32 oz cup and sip on this all day, I try my hardest to drink two of them.  
  • Crystal Light - I have tons of flavors, Raspberry Ice is my fav  
  • Sugar Free Jello
  • Flinstones Gummie vitamins, Immunity Support (2/day)
  • Chewable Gas X
  • Tylenol Cold and Sinus - as I mentioned before, the liquid hydrocodone keeps my mind goin' and does NOT help me sleep, so the nurse told me this was a good alternative for night.  I slept like a baby.  :)
  • EAS AdvantEDGE protein shakes - I like these so much better than Muscle Milk and I like to have different shakes so I make my own and I drink these.  I LOVE the Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Cream.  
  • Chicken Broth - mama's here and making this for me tonight so I'll post this recipe tomorrow :)
I hope this helps someone!


  1. Hi, Lolly! I like your writing style, it is very down to earth. I hope new lap-banders find your blog--it could be very helpful to those in the same stage as you. I remember that time was hard. I'm almost one year post-op and doing great. Congrats on your surgery, and good luck!

  2. Thank you Deb! Congrats on yor success!

  3. Hi Lolli, glad to hear things are going well post op! Hey check my blog post I nominated you for an award!